Do Politics and
Baseball mix? 
They are inseparable. 

Since 1876, when the National Association became the National League, and power transferred from players to owners, there has been a struggle over whether baseball is a sport or just a business.

Baseball has remained firmly in the hands of business interests over the last century, despite the early efforts of the Brotherhood of Professional Base Ball Players, the short-lived Players' League, and the support of the Knights of Labor and the IWW for unionization.

Despite the hold of corporate greed over the national pastime, there has been a long and progressive history of organizing to keep baseball, as they say in Cuba, "el derecho del pueblo," the right of the people.
Hugo Chavez Hits it Out of the Park
Populist Venezuelan president smashes one through the White House window. U.S. oil companies keep 87% of the country;s oil profits. The people say "We Wuz Robbed!"
Delgado: Standing Up Against War
The Toronto Blue Jays' Carlos Delgado won't stand up for the Star Spangled Banner.  But he will stand up for what's right.
Vieques Protest in the Bronx
Seven Yankees fans--who are also supporters of the campaign to end the U. S. Navy bombing of the Puerto Rican island of Vieques-- take to the field. They were arrested, but not before one gave Bernie Williams a flag.
Take me out to the beisbol game
Union activists take time out from a Cuban healthcare tour to watch the Metropolitanos beat the Industriales in Havana.
Roberto Clemente, presente!
Hartford, Connecticut's tribute to the great Puerto Rican player..
Black Baseball in Hartford
Local and national Negro League  and Cuban greats have come to play in the capitol city since the 1800s..
Hunting a Detroit Tiger
This "Mickey Rawlings" murder mystery novel set in the early 20th century features the red scare and the IWW.  Buy it at Powells, the union website.

Shoeless Joe Jackson
Visit the Virtual Hall of Fame for the player who was banished from organized baseball  by Kennesaw Mountain Landis, the man who also prosecuted union activists and kept Black players out of the big leagues.

Satchell Paige Speaks to the Daily Worker
Years before Jackie Robinson integrated professional baseball, an organized effort was underway to break the color barrier.


Shoeleather History
Delgado for President !
Local fans attend Yankees/Blue Jays game in New York. Display "Delgado for President" banner. Sparks fly!
Beisbol Diplomacy
Declassified documents from the secret 1975 negotiations that tried to put U.S. and Cuban ball clubs on the same field, despite Henry Kissinger.
Negro League
Playing 'til the sun goes down: Negro League veterans speak in Hartford.
Roberto Celemente Remembered
Annual January 1st celebration in
Bridgeport, CT
New England Kids in Cuba
The Twin State Peregrines fly to Havana for some baseball diplomacy and fun.
The Automatic Umpire
Think instant replay is a problem?  Try this 1908 idea to protect Baseball's most abused workers